Part 1 – God

week 1: Mon Aug 31 & Wed Sept 2

Can we prove God’s existence from our experience of the world?

reading – Aquinas, Summa, q.2, art.3 [PDF]

week 2: Wed Sept 9 — No class on Mon Sept 7

Can there be an infinite regress of causes without a first cause? [slides]

watching – Craig, What is the Kalam Argument? [Video]

week 3: Wed Sept 16 —  No class on Mon Sept  14

Does the idea of God necessarily imply God’s existence? [slides]

reading – Anselm, Proslogion [PDF]

week 4: Mon Sept  21 —  No class on Wed Sept 23 

Same topic as las week.

week 5: Mon Sept 28 & Wed Sept 30

What are some objections to Anselm’s argument? [slides]